Category: Messages for the Collective


There’s a natural moment in the process of transition and transformation that can feel really destabilizing, uncomfortable and vulnerable. It is often the height of energetic intensity in the process of transformation. At this moment we always meet some sort of discomfort. Why is this? Well, we are stepping from the known, the comfort of…
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Angels and Realms

A Channeling“You are communicating with the Angels of Mercy and Compassion.    Angels are messengers of pure light, vibration and love: or messengers of God/Source/Creator.  They are God expressions that are close to God in their beingness. Not close in space and time, but in their vibration. They travel through many and all dimensions and have…
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Righting Power Animal Relationships

A Message from Spirit Animal Guides (especially the larger Winged Ones and Jaguar) “We are seen by many humans in this current time in a distorted way and we’d like to share more to invite you in to right relationship, true intimacy and healing for all with us, together. We’ve been objectified by many humans,…
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