Psychic Readings

My readings are not meant to predict the future(although they may do this) but rather to reconnect you to Spirit and support you in the process of remembering as you align your humanity with the light of your spirit.

I honor free will.  I honor the intuition that flows from you and I.

I use a combination of Tarot, Channeling, Mediumship and Psychic connection and Journeying to bring forth personalized messages for you

I honor the deep inner wisdom of each person and their spirit team. My intention in a Reading is to offer Spirits messages that will support you to realign to your Light.  I am reading the messages and maps of your deep inner soul and the celestial support around you.

Most often it is fear, stress or our ego that gets in the way of reaching the place of connection to our soul. These are a part of life!  We will talk about options, choices and likely futures so you may take the best next steps for your path and alignment.  

A Reading with me will help to:

  • Reconnect you with your deeper wisdom, your spirit
  • Illuminate the deeper understanding and spiritual lessons of your current path
  • Uncover the current choices and options so you may make the best steps forward for your growth and soul embodiment