Angela Sol Rose

Psychic, Dreamer, Channel, Healer & Guide


I work as a guide, channel and mentor to support connection to spirit, healing, remembering and alignment to your path of truth and love!

I am a seer, a wisdom keeper and a channel for spirit. I’ve always experienced strength in my connection to spirit: to spirits wisdom, grace, love and wonder. It’s a connection that I believe is necessary for us all to cultivate in our own unique way. It’s what I believe will heal our world and what I seek to bring through my work. Part of my mission is to support the re-membering of our light(good, love and truth) into our human embodied experience.

I support the inseparable connection between body and spirit and the experience of wholeness. I have been furthering my knowledge and relationship with holistic health for most of my life with a big and serious push starting in 2005. I’ve learned much about health from books, teachers, courses, friends, spirit and from my own journey both personally, as a healer, a reader, a wellness consultant and a mom.

My other wordly vision is strong and has been the initial guiding force on my path. It’s drawn me to many people, places, understandings and lessons. I see beyond the physical, have meaningful, visionary, psychic dreams and am called to integrate the wisdom of these messages into the spiritual growth of the beings on our earth. This is the aim of my work.

I’ve been offering readings for over 10 years. I use mostly the tarot. My readings do not simply predict the future or give information of next steps. Rather the information that comes forth is always for healing and spiritual growth. I believe underneath it all, this is what we all seek. This is what serves our best selves and an expansive and healthy life.

I taught yoga for 10 years and still practice as a form of self care and connection. I trained in Positional Therapy… because it’s pure magic! I spent time as a Certified Doula and did a homebirth midwifery training. I have a special place in my heart and being for the energy of birth and especially love helping women of all walks and stages. I have certificates in Herbalism and Aromatherapy. I have been devouring health and wellness information since 2005. I love making products of high integrity. I have learned in depth about ingredients and my gift in products comes through my deep commitment to integrity and my connection to the energies of plant wisdom and spirit. I integrate all of these understandings in my work with others

Trainings and Certifications

“Although, I have many trainings, much knowledge and experience, I believe Life is our greatest teacher and connection to Spirit our greatest resource.”

  • Herbalist
  • Aromatherapist
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Positional Therapy Level II
  • Reiki II
  • Doula
  • Homebirth Midwifery: training
  • Integrative Transformational Coaching
  • Psychic & Mediumship
  • Tarot