What people are saying?

Angela is an extraordinarily gifted psychic and life coach. I have used her for years. Her interpretations are very accurate and insightful. Her gentle guidance and helpful heart brings back faith in what life is truly about. I highly recommend her for a deep meaningful assistance in this crazy world.

Sharyn H.

Angela is a truly gifted psychic and reader. She is a clear channel for important and timely information to flow through. My reading with her brought me a sense of clarity and peace regarding topics such as career and relationships, and provided me with clear insight for steps to take moving forward. Angela brings forth a sincere connection to the divine, and provides us with the unique opportunity to clearly hear its most profound messages.


If you haven’t signed up for a Mediumship or Psychic reading with Angela yet, its TIME!

I was embarking on cleaning up some old family trauma when I scheduled my zoom call. After my session with Angela, I KNEW I was on the right path! The messages I received from my family members, grounded and solidified my next steps. I didn’t miss a beat, I made a few calls and POOF, I am making the connections to my long lost brother in prison. Its time for me, to help mend the wounds created by the elders who raised us.

Thank you Angela, for sharing your beautiful gift with my family.


I had the best ever reading with Angela! Highly recommend her.

Steve J

I would just like to comment as one of your teachers and supporter of your incredible natural gifts. I highly recommend a reading with Angela! She is a natural channel for spirit and beautiful healing presence. 🙏🏻

Katherine Glass

Working with Angela is a truly wonderful experience. Meeting her I was immediately comfortable. Her calm and compassionate energy makes the work space for sessions easy to trust and relax in. She is a genuine listener, and clearly cares to put in work for her client’s individual needs.

C. P.

The first time I met Angela, I was drawn to her warm, easeful nature and steady grace. She is an intuitive, mindful listener and creates a safe and supportive space for self-exploration and reflection. through her wellness coaching and guidance, I found the courage to finally identify self-limiting patterns and ultimately make bolder, more nourishing choices for myself. I found my voice in working with Angela and not because she provided easy solutions or fixes, but because she empowered and guided me to listen inward, trust my own intuition, and balance my inner strength with tenderness and compassion.

K. L.

Working with my natal chart was a new experience for me, and Angela was the perfect person to work with. Her thorough explanation and analysis of my chart along with her ability to fluidly answer my questions gave me a lot to consider and work with based on the chart. Leaving sessions I always feel like I have new things to work on, and a better clarity of my connection to the world and myself. Thank you Angela!


Angela’s products have become a necessary staple within my therapeutic treatments not only for their allergen-free, organic ingredients, but because they are hand-created with her nourishing spirit and healing presence. Her arnica balm is one of my personal favorites that I use daily to not only prevent inflammation, but as a way to invite a restorative calm into my day and also into my sleeping routine.