Dream Donations

Have I shared a personal dream message with you?

Several times a week, I receive messages within my dreams for others. I am not in control of when and how these arrive or what is shared. Some dreams offer the content of what a full reading would and others are just skimming the surface or lighting the way a bit more. Some have meaning that is apparent right away and others develop over time.

This is an unconventional way of sharing messages that currently fits with our capitalistic models in an awkward way. I find this to be a gift in itself, as I believe these current models are in need of a healing .

You may or may not have asked for this message, and either way on some level you have been chosen for one! This blessing is yours to receive with no strings attached.

If you are able or desire, please donate to support this dream work. You may choose an amount that matches the content and value of your message or any amount that feels right to you.

With deep gratitude and reverence for your path in grace.