Sacred Sol Rose Healing Mentorship

A Sacred and highly personalized Vessel for Deep Healing, Growth, Learning and Sol Alignment

“Mentorship – Many modern cultures largely neglect the power of Mentorship. We have plenty of teachers who, in general, tell us what to think. Mentors are different: they guide us to our inner truth.”

~Aria Everts, from her book Dare to Remember

Sometimes we need to be held.  We need a container while we do our work.  This Mentorship is for those who are feeling deeply called to ALIGN their body, mind, heart, actions, relationships or life to their Sacred Spirit and to Great Spirit.  As we make space for Great Spirit in our lives, we will experience more joy, more ease, more abundance, despite any challenges or darkness that exist around or within us.  

This container is a safe and sacred place for you to birth more of your own spirit and light into your being, to listen and to ultimately receive yourself, whole, sovereign, divine and embodied.

I align to Great Spirit for the highest vibration of healing and resonate with the energetics of:

  • Great Spirit, the Creator, God, Goddess, the Divine:  My work is always with this as the foundation.  It is not something I own and gift you but it is what I align to and what I will hold space and do work for you to align to from your place of power.
  • The Goddess and the Way of the Rose:  I am here to serve the ways of the Goddess and her rising on earth at this time.  I hold and align to the vibration of the Goddess and the Way of the Rose, the Sacred Feminine, the Womb, Birth, Death and Transformation.
  • Angels and Archangels working especially with Michael, Jophiel and Raziel
  • Ancient Indigenous and Shamanic Wisdom: working and communicating with the spirit world, the plants and the animals.  I work often with animal spirit messengers and with the physical medicines of the natural world, plant and fungi.

A Container for the true YOU, wherever you are. Here are a few things we may work on together:

  • Healing
  • Transformation
  • Stepping in to your True Path
  • Discerning what’s missing, action or purpose
  • Ancestral Trauma
  • True Joy, Self love
  • Empowerment
  • Support during Awakenings
  • Personal Growth
  • Aligning to your Spirit/Calling/Purpose
  • Learning
  • Expanding Psychic/Intuitive capacity
  • Dream Medicine
  • Herbal Healing
  • Cultivating more joy and ease in your life

Creating sacred containers…a sacred space where your soul can come through, a space for spirit to enter. By this alignment occurs and lives change!

This is a 6 month journey together where we will hold space for your highest growth and calling.

A sample of what’s included

  • 1   60 min. Sacred Container Mapping session
  • 2   60 min. Psychic Readings
  • 3   60 min. Shamanic Healing Sessions
  • 1   Private Medicine ceremonial Session
  • 3   60 min. Integration or Sol Coaching Sessions
  • Individualized at home Rituals, practices and Medicines to support your journey
  • Oncall support and check-ins as needed
  • Dream healings and messages

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