“The messages Angela receives in her dreams are shockingly accurate and supportive. They reach deep into my being and have brought me needed healing and guidance during difficult times.” -A.

I receive supportive messages and sometimes do healing work for others during Dreamtime, weekly. It can be extra magical and helpful when receiving in this realm.

✨You can be added to my Dream List to receive your own personal Dreamtime message. ✨

Here’s how it works:

🌟Purchase a spot on my Dream List for $60🌟

If we have never met I may reach out to you briefly before I journey in Dreamtime for your message.

You have the option to bring forth a question or situation you are requesting help on or leave this up to spirit.

Depending on how long my list is and the perfection of divine timing your message may take up to 3 months to receive but usually will come in the first few weeks. It will come through at exactly the right time for you.

When your message comes in, you will be sent a document with the details to your email! 💝

The amount of information that comes through will vary but you will receive at least the value of the base price. If you receive more, you will have the choice to offer an additional donation or not.

I look forward to receiving healing messages for you.