There’s a natural moment in the process of transition and transformation that can feel really destabilizing, uncomfortable and vulnerable. It is often the height of energetic intensity in the process of transformation.

At this moment we always meet some sort of discomfort.

Why is this? Well, we are stepping from the known, the comfort of what has been, what has kept us safe and into the unknown, the mystery. Although we may have glimpses of where we are headed, we are still often met with this moment of the unknown. From what I have witnessed I believe that true transformation always includes this point of discomfort.

When leaving ways of being that felt comfortable, safe and known that no longer serve us; the letting go, often includes feelings of grief. This is common in the moments of discomfort that are natural to the process of transformation.

Often at the moment of this intensity, we may be overcome with grief, doubt or other feelings that might have us wanting to turn back to what was known and comfortable. We often feel doubt about our footing, scared about our future, uncertainty of who we are or if we are on the right path and a need for reassurance that we are okay, that we are heading in a direction that is best for us. But we can in our confusion cultivate this reassurance by trying to go back.

We may reason,

“Well this feels really uncomfortable, that must mean something is wrong so I think I’ll just go back to what I know.”

If we try this, we find we do not feel the same stability and comfort we once did. Like the caterpillar who has entered the cocoon, there’s no going back. Sometimes this can signal us to keep going with the process of transformation and to stay with the discomfort… And then other times we may try and compensate and pull up force to resist that which is pulling us forward so we can stay in the old place of comfort. When we do this, usually the forces of transformation get even stronger, even louder. Coping mechanisms may be reached for to sustain. The current of the Divine, the current of transformation will keep calling us to evolution and growth. That call while aiming us towards our highest and best may show up as suffering because it is getting louder to help us to move forward and because we have mustered up so much resistance against it. Then we could start to feel victimized by life rather than supported. It’s a challenging place to be, and the key out is in your light, your love, your truth and your faith.

Here’s another way to choose to support you in transition.

When we come to know the energetic curve of transformation so well we can accept that discomfort is natural in the process of transformation. We can choose to see its arrival as a sign that we are on the right path instead of the wrong one. We can greet and welcome vulnerability, doubt and discomfort with a hug and some warm tea. We know that there is space for this in the all of creation, we honor that this energy has a place and we feed it with our love and faith. We celebrate its arrival because it is a sign we are on the right track and all is well.

And what we really are doing here is honoring the mystery. We are claiming our love and our faith in our light to guide us rather than the comfort, rather than the known to keep us safe.

The discomfort then is a marker of growth, merely a sign you are stepping from the old to the new and it’s presence is bowed to. You love the place in you that questions if you’re okay. You trust your spirit to lead you in the right direction, the direction of the highest and best of all. And through this you honor the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine who is the great Cosmic Womb, the darkness, the infinite, the transformer, the holder of mystery. You can trust in any moment of unknown, of darkness because the Divine is great enough to hold you in the unknown. Because the goodness of your beautiful spirit is enough.

As we embody this, we naturally come to the next phase of transformation in which we have more access to our light. Our spirit has stretched in our human consciousness further and we have chosen love over fear, faith over doubt, truth over comfort; we have chosen Enlightenment through the decision to meet the discomfort and not to go back.

And this is the purpose of transformation; to embody our light further. Understanding this can support us to trust the presence of uncertainty and discomfort through transition, to shine our light on it. For if it was never there, we would not have had the opportunity to shine our light brighter, to birth our light into the consciousness of our humanity.

To support you in transition and transformation you can connect with the medicine and support of Butterfly, Snake or Owl. Call upon your Angels, call upon God with the love in your heart, call upon healing and compassionate ancestors and spirits of the land to support you in your journey.

With trust in your transformation, enlightenment and unfoldment,


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