Isis Channel: Healing Codes

Isis Channel: Healing Codes

Dear Souls,

I am here to support your remembering with news of healing codes from Ancient Egypt that are surfacing personally and collectively, right now.  These codes are here as the time is ripe for purposes of healing around clarifying what is sacred and what is distorted or extortion, especially with money, sex(& gender) and power.  

It is a portal of connection co-created by the Divine and yourself. Including all of the many souls who were connected to this time and place, of which anyone reading this was, and most people embodied on Earth right now have significant connection to this time by measure of their current incarnation.   You may also have significant connection to other time and place throughout creation but of collective relevance right now is the connection to Ancient Egypt.   

You yourself opened the portals to these codes by mere existence in time within your current life and through your past embodied lives and service as guides to embodied souls in Ancient Egypt.  In the past embodiments, many created these codes for the future intentionally and consciously with the Divine.  This might seem amazing but understand that the time and place allowed for this, and it was not particularly extraordinary, but also wonderful as an expression of the Divine.   The time of Ancient Egypt did not allow for other healthy consciousness and expression of the Divine however that currently are possible and thus the link creates healing for your current incarnation and for your past incarnations.   The karmic (un)load of this healing possibility is staggering and will be challenging in how it shows up for you. 

The wisdom of divine consciousness you hold now travels back in time to heal any imprints of distortion or extortion that might still be connected to you from lives in Ancient Egypt.  This  may be for yourself or rippling out to support others.  You will also experience the ripple from those around you.  Likewise your divine consciousness from Ancient Egypt flows forward to you now to support enlightenment and memberment.  This is an expression of Divine Union.

The codes are varied in their application and intention and these codes have been filtering to humanity for years.  Some past codes have included precursory layers of healing for sex, money and power.  There have been codes for technology, healing arts, temple arts, dream and many others.  Future codes will be polishing.  The current codes are intended to reach the depths of the shadows.  Because of this, what comes forth may not feel initially like healing at all.  Take heart, you are guided.

What comes forth as healing at this time will bring to the surface what has been repressed into the shadows, and without the nourishment of light, what comes forth may seem difficult, ugly, monstrous.  The process of rememberment requires this initial rise to the surface, back to awareness that which has been pushed aside.  The healing codes in part serve to unlock this trapped and disowned energy personally and collectively.  Once unlocked, the energy can be guided.  It may not look as one would expect.

This work addresses the root, sacral and solar plexus energetic and energy centers.  Because of this it can be especially difficult as this healing may appear to threaten your base level of security.  All healing is a change.  While true security comes from the Divine, one should not bypass this surfacing content in favor of this true truth.  Instead hold the divine security in your system which will call to the light all that is ready to be transformed and re-membered.  Look those shadows in the eye piercing them with the light of your soul arising through your own physical eyes backed by your deep faith and connection to the Divine.  This power protects and aligns and will guide you on how to move with the evolving and healing shadows in yourself and others.  Trust it with your life and with consciousness and not disconnection from reality.

If hearing this message frustrates you, this is a good occurrence for it is a sign that healing energy is moving.  Move with it.  Move with it as a co-creator of the expression of Divine intelligence in form.  Notice any tendency to control the movement of this healing in your or others lives.  Honor that as part of your deep humanity which is healing and evolving to higher consciousness.  Release expectations of what this healing movement may look like and allow yourself to be open to what is.  Be in presence, dear one.

In terms of sex, consider gender or the interplay of the sexes as well as the energetic of creation.   There are many complexities to unravel and each soul has contracted before birth to their piece of the great unraveling.  Be aware of the great unraveling but allow your divine soul energy to feed only that which you are contracted to work with.  Put differently, show up to what you feel called to work with in yourself or collectively and trust when it is not your work to do…for if you attempt to push through this knowing, your contributions will be in vane, which is to say energetically supporting suffering, even if you may seem to temporarily make things “peaceful” or “better”.

There is great capacity here for upgrade to the energetic heart field.  As the lower chakras are worked, this is part of the gift that lands.   There is access to deeper heart truth that will come alive in the body as room is made from what the healing codes bring forth and usher into transmutation.

You are upgrading to more alignment to the purity of one’s spirit heart which on a higher level is always preserved of each soul.  The upgrade is to the human or animal heart consciousness to be in greater alignment with the spirit heart.  This is a grave and honored service to humanity and Earth.  Your Earth body and energy system is seeking and longing for this light and always will.  Some guidance as you work with this, be conscious of expectation, attachment and over emphasis on stories that bind.  Clarity and healing movement is supported at this time from allowing the higher consciousness of your divinity to lead.  Put another way your spirit is anchoring in, you are holding this, without thought or emotion, just holding it.  I offer to those who wish to bring this in practice you may focus on the light in the eyes, just be present with that to have it fill you up.  You may ask me to hold my gaze on you and then close your eyes and open your psychic sight to receive this.  Those who practice healing work, the priestesses and priests, you can practice sharing this light from your eyes(even if they are closed) to support others in anchoring their light.  Ask for support in this to heighten your healing effect.

Of importance here is to mention that there are some who will read this who hold the role of distributing these codes.  You have co-created this moment to act as a portal to receive the healing codes and wisdom and then radiate them outward.   The way in which they are distributed will look different from each being and to each being.  To guide you to share these codes, all you need to bring focus to, is humbly trusting, devoutly de-coding to embody and share for the good of all.  If this ignites or sparks something in you as you read, then this applies to you.  For the distributors, these codes must be received subjectively first in order to truly share them.  Meaning you cannot objectively imagine yourself receiving some power that you have the power to give away.  No, it’s not like that.  Your soul unlocks and receives these codes through honor, grace, love, trust and commitment to divinity.   Then you experience(subjective) these codes and are in capacity to share them with Truth, compassion, Goddess presence and grace.  Let them affect you, trust them. To a degree, all who accept these or other healing and divine codes are distributors, because all is connected, our choice to accept the grace and love of the divine radiates to others in the web of life.

With this, dear one, we offer the remembrance, to trust the healing movement.  It will likely not be what you expect.

In love and grace,

The Reverent Lady Isis

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