Angels and Realms

Angels and Realms

A Channeling
“You are communicating with the Angels of Mercy and Compassion.   

Angels are messengers of pure light, vibration and love: or messengers of God/Source/Creator.  They are God expressions that are close to God in their beingness. Not close in space and time, but in their vibration. They travel through many and all dimensions and have a special responsibility on Earth.   They receive messages from source through vibrational matching, each with specific unique flavors if you will that which is their resonance and duty. Many know of Michael for example as a protector. This vibration of protection is distinct in Michael as a ray or expression of Source.

Angels cultivate their connection with the good/Source to keep their messages and vibration infallibly clear.   This is natural and without effort but with dedication. They deliver messages and offer support throughout all dimensions including those of the Earth and human incarnations.  They wish for the receiver to receive the message and this is in part why they are known to help with anything requested that would support this or truly to receive which activates more God.   

Some people or those with a full human existence act as an Angel on Earth. They are often acting Angels in other realms before coming to Earth. At times beings of another vibration and purpose(not an acting Angel in the extra Earth dimensions) wish to have the experience of an Angel on Earth.   That’s one reason many come to Earth, that is to have an experience of that which they are not.   Earth allows this because by doing so you come closer to God. This happens through enlightenment, through growth that shows you the many reflections and expression of the one light or source. And in this you are owning more of your own soul light.  We find the truth through these reflections, we find God in each other and in ourselves. As above so below.   

In some part, many are all here to learn love and truth which are indeed the distilled expressions of Creator.   The Earth life provides great challenge to accomplish new heights of soul embodiment.  

There are many realms.  There are realms for Gods and Angels.   A realm can also be described as a Consciousness and a Consequence for you enter as a consequence of your choices and through your consciousness. In the Angelic realm of consciousness, one recognizes there is no higher or lower and thus you are able to sustain the vibration of the realm.  This is most impossible to sustain as a human although you can receive from and tune to this realm to support enlightenment. It’s necessary for the called experience of human life to not be in this state 100%.

There are many realms other than the angelic realms.   All are entered into in a similar way through vibration, consequence and then sustained with consciousness.   Some realms have rules and one decides to agree to those rules, roles and karmic entanglement before entering through support of Weavers, God and Angels of Destiny.  On Earth one of the rules so to speak is that you remain in the dimension for an asked upon amount of time and in an agreed upon way.   Because souls make this decision with Creator, there’s not really any mistakes or changing of decisions.  It may appear that way at times while on Earth but it is not so.    All that comes forth was and is part of the plan.  

Although many Earth beings could sustain the consciousness of the Angelic realms, the consequence of their choice to be on Earth binds them to the rules of Earth life and their karmic experience, thus their “consequence” would maintain that they would not be able to sustain 100% Angelic realm consciousness on Earth.

There are realms that can be created(truly it’s always co-created but it may not appear that way at times).  When a human dies from the Earth realm they may choose to make a world of their own, sometimes with others. They are working with God whose intelligence brilliantly supports a creation that will call forward love, growth and light.  

Some beings may be stuck in their own reasons or worlds (within realms) at times and in that case Angels are sent. Many have acted as and with Angels, so don’t be convinced you haven’t.  It’s an honor and it’s a choice.  Messengers of God will be sent to support these “stuck” beings. This is an Angels journey too… one learns to be close to God to invite the creative force to work with the energies of the beings and perfectly channel the healing that is needed for the being in that realm.   It’s brilliant.   

Angels also can be in many places at once without dilution and in perfect alignment.  To understand this from a human perspective, think of a ball of light, like a star or sun and image how the suns rays act as points of light reaching in many directions.  With Angels, however they don’t just shine on all- or they do however, the receiver must decide and must ask in order for the Angel ray to fully reach that human or being. Permission is expressed differently depending on the incarnation. For example, animals on Earth expressed permissions by choosing their life and accepting the rules of that role which for most animals are open to the wisdom and support of God and the Angels in constant.”

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