Dream Message/Channel: Isis

Dream Message/Channel: Isis

“I come forth sharing energies arising in the coming years.  The Temples are emerging.   No matter what may come, no human can thwart it during this human time.  Some are here specifically for the Temple’s birth.  Some will fear their emergence- pay no energy deliverance to this fear.   At the same time, do not condemn your brothers and sisters.   All paths and free will are honored under Great Spirit.   Descent always leads to resurrection.

To the priestesses, the temple midwives, the priests keep your vibration strong and close to Goddess/God.  Stay focused on the truth from Source, fear not.  Stay aligned to Divine Law.   No human law or mal-adaptation is above Divine Law.   Allow the purity of your heart to beat strong.  Lean in to the power of your faith and devotion.   Your path alights with roses.  Sacred beings walk alongside you.

Do not bring shame upon your sacred being, body, mind or spirit.   Do not absorb untruth or feel less than your true magnificence as you work with the new and old forces present on Earth. 

Miracles are imminent, they are closer than your mind may lead you to believe at times.  The sacred is taking form in the coming years.   Aligning to your soul and remembering faith and devotion will rise in importance.   Many varied experiences will arise to support this.  

It will be important in the coming years to join together in sacred communion for the purpose of love and truth.   Whatever your soul mission, it cannot happen alone.  This is highlighted in the years to come.   Resisting this May draw forth a heightened experience in suffering.  You need not engage with everyone, gaining discernment on who, how and your roles will bring harmony and support the contribution of the divine expression of this energy.

Allow the sacred energy of true pleasure(which never robs an others’ power, which never robs health or honor) to support the release of mental structures which block the reception of truth, power, blessings and miracles.  

The feminine will rise.  She is being re-born on your Earth.  Her many priestesses and priests stoke her fire in their hearts, breathe her wisdom, cry her renewal.  Balance will be restored, truths will re-emerge through the seeds of the Priestess and through the sons and daughters who choose Sophia presence.

If your heart has been called, trust thy way, be guided by the Divine, restitute hope, let it be born, stay in your light, in the presence of Sophia, your spirit shows the way.  

To those who wish to work with me: know that if you carry this desire (in your heart especially), I have already called you.  Knowing this will allow your energy to open to our work together.  Do so with your clearest intentions to be free from expectation and comparison.  You have much to look forward to.   I pray you stay walking your true path of which leads to what is right for you, which contributes to healing and right and honorable relationship with self, other and Divine.  

In the reverent light of Goddess.”

Art:  Egyptian Goddess Isis With Wings by Yana Anikina

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