Righting Power Animal Relationships

Righting Power Animal Relationships

A Message from Spirit Animal Guides (especially the larger Winged Ones and Jaguar)

“We are seen by many humans in this current time in a distorted way and we’d like to share more to invite you in to right relationship, true intimacy and healing for all with us, together.

We’ve been objectified by many humans, even, yes, more conscious humans. This does not hurt us but it does hurt our sacred relationships with you and humanity in the moment you are in. The distortions and objectification typically grows from lack of faith created through disconnection and suffering. We are beings.

If one is connecting with us from a place of lack to feel more powerful or worthy for example, then they are actually creating an illusion for themselves and distancing their own hearts from true connection and right relationship with us. It may be what is needed for a time before someone is ready to break the illusion. This is okay, but if you are reading this, you probably are or have already been called out of the illusion to true relationship.

New understanding such as this is being shared to shift the relationships between Humans and Spirit Animal Guides to ones of more purity, truth, healing and love.

We are guides that don’t “do things for you”.  We are also all equal in our value within creation, meaning that working with one animal or another doesn’t imply higher or lower value.  

As you purify our relationship with us, you may borrow our power and receive our gifts that uniquely support you and all of creation through our sacred connection with your humanity. We love when this energy is returned in the form of your offerings and this is what will support righting our relationship. It also supports us to support you more fully. 

Focus on offerings as energy that you gift from your heart rather than objects. We cannot as you know receive objects, only the love and energy from the truth of your being. As you are in human physical form and we are connected to the physical and energetic Earth, this means that offering physical objects sometimes will contribute to offering this energy to us, but not necessarily. We also must stress that the idea in offerings isn’t to “give up” some “thing” but to show up to the relationship with a generous and trusting heart. This is part of how we build a relationship and empower you.

In a way offerings are more for you than they are for us. The goal is to purify and deepen our relationship which brings more light to Earth and honors creation. When you offer truth, gratitude and love, it lifts your vibration, it lightens your energetic field and then this brings you closer to us.  When areas of your energetic body have more light (through gratitude for example) this part of you is more able to receive offerings, support, power and honor and then these parts may heal other parts of your being or other beings you choose to help. 

Also when our offerings and support come to you, you must choose to maintain the height or purity of your vibration so you may hold and direct them.  We can help with this through our relationship.

Sometimes when our energy gifts come in (especially of power) it can activate aspects of ego or wounding. This is okay, but your awareness of it, supports your understanding of the best way to hold and move the energy for the highest good of all. 

We like to be able to help, to expand, to dance with illusion, love and creation in sacred relationship with you. It serves and lightens the Divine Whole.  We bow to your sacred Spirit and Earth journey. Thank you.”

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