Dream Gifts: Unbroken Spiritual Lineages

Dream Gifts: Unbroken Spiritual Lineages

Healing the pain of being born into broken lineages of those who caused deep pain, separation and supported colonization.

I’ve been contemplating and praying much lately to receive deeper understanding of why I have been born into a body of which most of the wisdom and practices of my pre-colonization ancestors have been cut off. From the research I have done, I understand that everyone on this Earth right now has a connection somewhere in history to Earth based spirituality and healing practices. With colonization many of those in the Western world (Europe and America especially but not exclusively) have been severed from ancient indigenous wisdom. For many, I notice this seems to be of no concern, at least consciously. For me this has been a painful reality all of my life. I do not relate to the American culture I have grown up in. I love the people, all people but I do not love the pain, the disconnection, the materialism, the shallow consciousness that seems to be rampant around me and within the culture that has been built from colonization.

I was born a seer and I believe that if I was born within a pre-colonization container of indigenous wisdom and community, this would have been noticed and nurtured, but that is not what happened for me. I was born into a family, a community and a society where not only has this been mostly unrecognized and unsupported but it seems to be a source of varying degrees of pain and confusion. This has been such a challenge for the tender part of my being.

I have been confused about how to share and strengthen my gifts with little to no real world human guidance. I have felt shame to have these gifts. With my recent blood ancestors seemingly fully on board with the current colonization, and with so many indigenous cultures who have endured so much hardship to protect their sacred teachings and lineages, who am I to think I have something to offer? How can I earnestly share my gifts and support and respect the ancient traditions that are rising back up.

I feel like a spiritual orphan!

So, I have been guided to prayer; to entirely empty my heart to my Spirit on this and to keep doing it until it does not smart any longer, until I am so purified of whatever lingers from my body’s lineage, until I feel faith and love so deeply there is no longer room for shame. This is my aim.

Some of my ancestors spear headed the witch hunts with their dogmatic religious rhetoric; of course I am afraid of my gifts, of course I am feeling deep shame and fear around this. I have other physical ancestors who were deeply connected, shamans with spirit as center and my main connection to them is through spirit. Their wisdom was not physically passed down but they did share it on another level. It’s felt like a heavy load to lighten for me and for all who wish to heal the pain caused by colonization and truly share their spirits, no matter what body they were born into or what side of history they have inherited. I have been and will keep inviting healing until I feel I no longer need to. I believe in this. I hold a higher vision for our world.

I believe that spirit answers prayers immediately and this is no exception in my case. I was graced with both a waking channeled message and healing dream messages as an answer to my prayers. I will share here in hopes that if you are experiencing anything with a similar vibration(as I believe many are) it will bring some solace and guidance towards your own healing and liberation.

The first message I received spoke to the importance of oneness. I received this before going to sleep.

Even when something or someone causes pain, God/Spirit holds love and healing. On Earth, however, this flow of love and healing can be blocked when we are in a space of judgement and suffering. We are all focused expressions of this oneness in a dual, polarity filled world. We are both human and spirit. Within our spirit, we are all one, not the same but a part of the oneness. We are not the stories, traumas, pains, colonization, patriarchy and even the protecting of ancient lineages. We all have lineages beyond our humanity.

Channeled by Angela

My second gift and prayer answered came in the form of a dream:

In this dream, I was interacting with a group of people after a healing ceremony of which I was supporting the leader along with a few others. On the wall of the room we were in, were pictures and stories of our ancient spirit lineage. They were laid out as you might see ones familial or religious lineages laid out or even the progression of Kings or revered teachers. I felt deeply reverent of these beings as well as fully supported and informed by their lives. There were pictures of humans, aliens, elements, stars and galaxies along with writings accompanying each picture and laying out the threads that we carried and honored with our lives and ceremonies. It was beautiful!!!!! Hummingbird and snake were present. I was being told how my true and spirit lineage is not broken and never was or can be broken. I am fully connected to a deep, beautiful, sacred and powerful lineage that I may draw from at any time. I was not taught about it in this human incarnation but it does not make it any less real or accessible. The spiritual lineage is not apparent to many humans currently incarnated but it is more real than most of the illusions we hold dear and “real” in this world. I was hearing;

You are not forgotten my precious child. You are revered and strong and the truth is no one is without a lineage and everyone has the right to deep spiritual connection, the right to share their God given gifts with complete faith and trust.

Spirit Dream Message

I was hearing this and viewing these gorgeous ornate, alive and holographic pictures, too many to explain here. Then there was some music that came on. The leader and a few others started dancing. I started dancing too, it was freeing and divine, clearly a way to move energy and receive healing just as in waking life. This somehow turned into a train of dancing that I was at the head of guiding people through many different rooms. I could feel hummingbird and snake with me supporting this energy.

Today I feel lighter! I know that this is yet another example of healing within the dream space. We receive gifts of healing and transformation within our dreams all the time. We also may receive these gifts in our waking reality. The more we are willing to open to and trust the Divine, the more easily it will be able to flow to us.

Happy Healing Dreamers and Earth Walkers

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