Sacred Contracts of Motherhood- Owl Messages

Sacred Contracts of Motherhood- Owl Messages

Have you ever thought about what is happening energetically and on a soul level for the spirits coming into this world? How exactly does it effect a mother, father or families energy when a being comes through. What do the attachments look like? Does the way in which a child is birthed effect their life? What are the lasting imprints of our choices as mothers, parents and a society? What does this look like from an energetic and spiritual perspective?

I think about this often. As a mom who has birthed three children and a person who has vision into other dimensions, I have spent much time considering this. I’ve seen how breastfeeding children have positive energetic cords to their moms. I’ve seen how a woman’s energetic field literally glows when she is pregnant. I’ve seen how a woman opens- her energy splits as a vessel to allow a soul through during birth. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time pondering the details of the sacred contract of motherhood.

About a week ago I had a dream of an owl flying by in this very specific way. I’ve had many dreams about owls that started coming in strong early in my pregnancy with my littlest babe. I know they are connected to her. I also know they are connected to me but I wonder where the messages for her end and where the messages for me begin. The line for this understanding feels quite subtle and delicate. In fact I don’t believe it’s a line at all. This line feels more watery and diffuse to me. The nature of bringing children into this world and raising them is an an extremely intimate process not just in what we can see but also in what is happening energetically. The lines are removed and you begin as one with your child. From what I’ve seen this can even be the case for those who do not physically birth their children.

Then, in quite an auspicious way, on the eve of the Winter Solstice as I was outside praying, enjoying and connecting with my dear partner an owl flew by in EXACTLY the way it had in my dream a week prior. I was the only one who saw it. The flight of course was silent and you may only know it happened if you were looking at that specific moment and could see well enough in the dark night, which of course I was. What a gift! This, like many other owl visits got me to pay attention.

As I tuned in to the message the owl is bringing me this time I was brought to this sacred understanding of the spiritual and energetic understandings of the Sacred Contracts of Motherhood. The most present question for me was: “What is this saying to me and what is this saying to or about my baby?” And I realized that IS the message: it is an invitation to the wisdom of the sacred experience I have so gratefully been a part of for both myself and others in my work as a Doula. In fact, both birth and death have called me since I was a very young child. Owls are in some traditions connected to death. I have flowed through this in between space of souls coming and going and helped support spirits in their transits. I have noticed so much about how this energetically works through these experiences. Yet, there is also so much for me to learn!

As I finish this post, there is an owl hooting outside my window. What the owl has brought me to this time are the questions I have about how healing can be brought to our systems. Owl has reminded me of the Sacred Contract that is birthing and raising children. Owl has reminded me that each small choice matters. I have seen again and again how moms are too overwhelmed, and not supported by our societal structures. This creates a deficit for our children as well as our mothers. I believe it is time to shift this narrative. I also believe that shifting this narrative means a grassroots effort. We have been shown that predominantly relying on our current societal structures willingness to serve the people in this and other imperative functions are not working. The most effective change I have seen, sidesteps our systems and brings the focus to the people. It is time for change! Our mothers deserve support. Our fathers deserve support. Our children deserve support.

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