My goal as your coach is to align with what you want to achieve and support you as you develop your own solutions, ideas, strategies, awareness and action steps.

In our sessions I work to forward and deepen your process.  We gain awareness, we dive into new spaces, we draw forth wisdom, we seek to understand the deeper places that inform our lives here everyday, we decide what action to take next, we love and we celebrate your process and your growth.  

While a traditional view of coaching may focus on the cornerstone of supporting a coachee to reach personal and professional goals, my approach is a bit more expansive! I prefer the metaphor of guiding a boat, because we are all guiding the boat of our lives. Coaches are able to assist us in steering the direction that we most desire to go.

Coaching is an intentional alliance between a coach and a coachee for their benefit. Coaching provides a framework and tools that guide one to their authentic self and path.

My coaching model is client-led, empowering, and holistic. It assumes that you know yourself best and have the inner strength, self-love, and resources to achieve your goals for living the life you want. You bring significant skills to the table. In coaching, I aim to listen deeply on all levels and reflect back from this vantage point.

Coaching will not offer all the answers, but rather provides support so you may process your own thoughts and emotions, to find personal clarity and deeper understanding in your life. I use careful listening and questioning to facilitate growth and transformation. This coaching structure creates a container to encourage awareness, self-discovery, empowerment and self love.`

The first time I met Angela, I was drawn to her warm, easeful nature and steady grace. She is an intuitive, mindful listener and creates a safe and supportive space for self-exploration and reflection. through her wellness coaching and guidance, I found the courage to finally identify self-limiting patterns and ultimately make bolder, more nourishing choices for myself. I found my voice in working with Angela and not because she provided easy solutions or fixes, but because she empowered and guided me to listen inward, trust my own intuition, and balance my inner strength with tenderness and compassion.

Kristin L.

Working with Angela is a truly wonderful experience. Meeting her I was immediately comfortable. Her calm and compassionate energy makes the work space for sessions easy to trust and relax in. She is a genuine listener, and clearly cares to put in work for her client’s individual needs.

Claire P.
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