Sophia Waiver & Medical Form


This release says that you know that participating in an entheogenic ceremonial work may involve discomfort and unexpected physical, mental or emotional upset. By signing this release agreement you are waiving all rights to seek or receive compensation in any case of injury, loss or damage.

I understand that although my participation in this ceremony is purely voluntary, I agree to remain until the closing of any ceremony of which I choose to begin.

During the work, I will ingest and entheogen(s). I have been informed of the type and its effects as well as the objectives of taking it within this ceremony. I have been attracted to this work as a result of research, personal reports, as well as the potential for profound spiritual experience. I understand that the facilitators make no claim or promise regarding the curing of illness or the nature of any spiritual experience. I understand that the ceremony is personal and sacred to each individual.

I understand that I may be physically or mentally exhausted and/or disoriented after this ceremony. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to arrange alternate transportation if it is needed.

I hereby acknowledge and voluntarily assume the full risks of any physical or other injury, damage or losses, either to myself or caused to others by me during any of the ceremonies organized by or on the property of the facilitator(s). I hereby waive the liability of and agree to hold harmless the facilitator(s), the organization, including all of its founders, members, associates, employees, agents, staff, family, successors, volunteers, and other participants. I further agree to defend and indemnify them from any claims, suits, or demand. I understand that this agreement is binding upon me, my
spouse, parents, family, heirs, executioners, administrators, agents and assignees.

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