LunaSol Box

This box comes to you at the beginning of each month with awesome products and guidance that coincide with the lunar and solar astrology for that month.

We like to surprise you but just to give you an idea, your box may include: Crystals, Cleansing Sprays, Herbal Creations, Monthly Moonscopes, Astro-Intentions and Rituals.

♥ Sustainable ♥ High Vibe ♥ Organic ♥ Local ♥ Community Regenerative ♥ Handmade ♥

You have a few options with the LunaSol Box.

How long?

Monthly: Sign up with automatic payments, and quit at any time. (coming soon)

1 Month: A tiny taster.

3 Months: Try it out for three months and see how you like it.

6 Months: A good run with the box and a bit of a discount for you.

1 Year: Receive a discount for joining for a year.


Choose to get our regular box or upgrade to a customized box. For this just send us your birth date, place and time we will customize your astro-information and goodies!

For you or a gift?

These boxes make great gifts. We’d be happy to send this as a gift to anyone you choose. If you’d like this option, just let us know in the notes of your order.